The fast rate of advancement and change in technology has resulted in a drastic evaluation of development methodologies.

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Application Security

The new focus of hackers is on mobility. This is because much attention and usage is being paid to mobile applications nowadays ...

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UX Will Attract More Attention

Since the heydays of application development, UX has established itself as an important aspect of the process of app development...

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Augmented And Virtual Reality

AR and VR technologies were drastically improved in 2016. This is because Augmented Reality technology was vastly explored by app development companies...

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Jungle Scout Coupons: 50% Off Coupon Codes & Offers

Junglescout is a research handle used by Amazon know the sales and Annual plans $150 Saving with Jungle scout coupon code from Marketing team. It was built by Greg Mercer in the year 2014. It is used by Amazon sellers. It fetches the users with the following services:

  • Tracking and spying the product
  • Opportunities in the product market
  • Ideas and innovations are verified using this tool
  • Helps in monitoring the sales data of the competitors
  • Calculating FBA fee estimates
  • Amazon marketing has been made easy

It is a tool that has been built by the sellers and for the sellers use. It provides extensive product data with 24*7*365 availability of service. It has proved out to be a solution to queries of beginners and solved two major questions as follows:

  1. How much money is needed to sell a product on Amazon?
  2. How to sell on Amazon n lieu of present market conditions?

Features of Junglescout:

  1. Junglescout is an efficient product tracker.
  2. It is a spy for competitors operations.
  3. It is a tool used for exporting quantitative data.
  4. It has been viewed as Google trend checker.
  5. It gives scores to product opportunities in the market and gives the indication of the right time to strive a new product in the market.
  6. It gives the estimate of sales and predictive data of profit margins.
  7. Junglescout aids out as search filter.

Benefits of using Junglescout:

Junglescout is very easy to use. Here is the list of benefits derived by using Junglescout:

  1. It is a very useful tool for carrying out product research.
  2. It helps the sellers to make estimates and take future decisions from the insights and logistics of sales.
  3. It aids in visualization of future opportunities.
  4. It acts as a spying handle for the product.
  5. It gives a glimpse of profit margins and sales of competitors.

Limitations of using Junglescout:

The major limitation of Junglescout is that mere availability of data is not sufficient; one should have experienced command in utilizing the data also. Although tutorial lessons are available regarding usage of Junglescout they are not sufficient as a whole.

Software of the Junglescout Suite:

The Junglescout is a combination of 4 main operative soft wares. These have been listed as follows with the specifications of each of them:


Trends In Mobile App Development That Will Dominate 2017

There has been a marked increase in the usage of smart phones over the years. This widespread acceptance is unprecedented and has continued to amaze people.

Every digital marketer worth his salt is aware of the rapid rate of development and evolution in this field.

Various platforms have been made adaptable to mobile applications. This move has also spread to various categories and industries.

The fast rate of advancement and change in technology has resulted in a drastic evaluation of development methodologies.

This development has ensured that application development adjusts to the constant changes in the market.

A number of trends have appeared over the years. However, our research efforts have revealed the trends that will likely dominate the mobile application development market in 2017.

Application Security

The new focus of hackers is on mobility. This is because much attention and usage is being paid to mobile applications nowadays.

The continued activities and efforts of hackers have acted as cogs in the world of web applications. These activities include financial theft and data breaching.

This means that developers have to pay especial attention to the security measures embedded in the apps they create.

This is in a bid to disrupt the effort of hackers and other security threats.

In 2017, there will be a vast expansion in the sphere of mobile application security measures.

UX Will Attract More Attention

Since the heydays of application development, UX has established itself as an important aspect of the process of app development.

With a combination of technological advancements and a new array of tools compatible with studios, there will be a marked increase in the emphasis placed on UX.

The process of developing applications with the right user experience that will resonate with the users is a source of constant worry to app designers.

This year, there will be an influx of UX practices into the mainstream market and this will serve to create new avenues for the app developers and marketers.

Augmented And Virtual Reality

AR and VR technologies were drastically improved in 2016. This is because Augmented Reality technology was vastly explored by app development companies.

An example of this is the development of the ultra popular and successful game: Pokémon GO.

In the same year, Google’s VR was introduced into the mainstream market and it will witness some remarkable development in 2017.

This trend is not exclusive or limited to the gaming industry. With the right medium and channel, it can be utilized in other industries like retail shopping, travel and tourism, automobile development and restaurant businesses.

Hands Free Devices And Wearables Will Be More Popular

Over the years, the growth of connected and hands free devices has been dictated by the pace at which mobile devices developed.

These devices are linked with mobile applications and they range from health monitor devices to fitness bands, to digital wages.

When connected to the appropriate mobile applications, these devices will provide different metrics to the users.

In 2017, there will be a vast expansion of this trend and different lines and models of wearables will be developed by companies.

2017 will mark the development of awe inspiring gadgets from different companies. The wearable technology market is already being dominated by technological giants like Google and Apple.

It can only get better from here.

Rise Of Enterprise Mobile Apps

In 2016, enterprise mobility solutions were used by companies in a bid to employ mobile applications for workplace optimization, employee engagement and human resource efforts.

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The use of enterprise mobile apps has been credited as being an indispensable aid to workers since it allows them to function from remote locations.

Studies have further revealed that in companies that employ enterprise mobile apps, there has been a marked increase in employee productivity.

This has enabled employers to streamline work operations while also ensuring that the employees are kept happy and satisfied.

Therefore, 2017 will witness an increase in the use of enterprise apps since its importance has been made obvious to companies 

Messaging Applications Will Become More Popular

Over the years, we have witnessed a marked increase in the number of messaging apps.

This includes apps like Whatsapp, BBM, Viber, and Facebook.

In 2016, these mobile applications have enjoyed even more user attention.

In 2017, these mobile messaging apps will be employed more by entrepreneurs and start ups who will employ the messaging domain in a bid to present their users and clients with something new.

Developing A Good Restaurant About Us: 4 Decisive Factors To Note

In the world of marketing, mobile marketing has been on a steady rise to claim the top spot as a massive promotional tool.

As a result of this, restaurateurs have to constantly look for ways to connect and communicate with this astronomically growing mobile audience.

In contrast to other businesses and business models, however, there is a more especial attention paid to prior dining experience by credible sources, word of mouth, and visual appeals.

Therefore, you must ensure that while developing a restaurant application, you have a different mind-set that ensures that you capture the very essence of this industry.

To do this, there are some key elements you have to take note of. To develop an intuitive restaurant application, you must be cognisant of the following:

App Experience

For an optimal user experience, a good restaurant app should function well and equally look good.

You must first note that there must be a logo that represents your restaurant or brand. This logo is embedded in strategic places in the app and it must be simple but attractive at the same time.

Another important element that requires especial attention is the landing page. The landing pay is the very first screen that will be viewed by users of your app.

The app must reflect the look and feel of the restaurant to your customers. They should feel your brand while browsing through the app.

Most apps come with a myriad of useful templates that you can employ for your own restaurant’s app.

However, if you are not satisfied with any of them, you can use your own customized templates too.

Restaurant Menu

There are many uses for a restaurant app but its primary function is the display of the menu chart.

Studies have shown that people usually peruse through the menus first while browsing through different restaurants online.

By including a menu list in your app, your users or prospective clients will have a more enjoyable search experience and, at the same time, you are providing them with the option of making fast and timely decisions.

Also, by including a many, you are giving your users the opportunity to decide on and choose the food they would eat even before stepping foot in your restaurant.

Restaurant Details

There are three criteria usually highlighted by hungry dimers while searching for suitable restaurants online. These are directions to the restaurant, detailed information about the restaurant, or the hours the restaurant is open.

It might seem really obvious to include this information in the mobile app, however, you also have to ensure that this information is presented in a way that is unique and attention grabbing.

If you are running a Chain restaurant, you should also include detailed contact information that will offer the necessary help to diners who are on the look for other outlets of your restaurant in another location.

Placing Orders

In addition to including compatible mobile menu displays, most restaurateurs are adding pickup and delivery facilities to their apps.

Hungry diner nowadays usually utilize mobile devices for placing reservations and orders. This also includes pickup and delivery.

The influx of mobile technology has made diners much more accustomed to mobile marketing. Therefore, they would rather place their food orders through mobile applications than by making phone calls.

Final Takeaway

You must properly integrate your menu, brand image, and other success factors in your restaurant business. This must be done in and channelled into an easily accessible place.

This is important to ensure the continued success of your restaurant business.

How Messaging Apps Are Outperforming Social Media Apps

The development and continued use of messaging apps has drastically affected the way the social media is used by people.

Nowadays, the use of messaging apps is not as restricted and linear as it was in the days of Yahoo Messenger. Now, messaging apps are not just for chatting with friends and acquaintances.

Messaging apps can be used to watch content, search for products, or connect with brands.

They are now far removed from the days when they were restricted to functioning as basic add one on smart devices for sending GIFs, pictures, videos, and messages.


When messaging apps were invented, they were intended for just very basic functions. Nowadays, instant messaging applications offer a myriad of functions and purposes to users.

They have become an integral presence in basically every smartphone and as a result, they have brought about a transformation in the way digital communication is conducted between consumers and brands.

In terms of utility, instant messaging apps are gradually overtaking social media applications. There are quite a number of pointers to this and some of them are discussed below.

A Dynamic Marketing tool

The gradual overtaking of social media networks by instant messaging apps has metamorphosed into one of the major alterations in the sphere of online culture.

According to consumers, instant messaging apps are more enclosed than the social media.

This affords marketers the opportunity to interact directly with customers through the chat boxes of the respective instant messaging app.

Several global brands are already laying down plans for experimenting with the opportunities attendant with this in a bid to drastically boost the level of conversions recorded for individuals.

A Virtual Space For Video Calling

Some instant messaging apps are being used as integrated collaboration tools by large enterprises. This provides them with a world of features and functionalities like an audit trail, relative ease in setting up, and security level, the latter of which surpasses the potential and functionalities of social media apps.

The use of online video communication can prove to be very helpful to a lot of enterprises when it is backed up by video clarity, HD audio, and screen sharing.

The primary advantage is the fact that it gives enterprises the opportunity to include a large number of participants in one video call.

Therefore, this group can connect from anywhere in the world and still function as a team.

This displaces physical presence from being an obstacle.

A Customer Service Portal

The continued use of messaging apps has led to customer service becoming more personalized.

Due to the vast amount of queries generated by customers, a lot of businesses are developing AI based chatbots to interact with and address queries from customers.

Also, instant messaging apps can be used by customer service providers for arranging meetings, and upwelling.

They can even use IM chat to respond to customer queries.

A Global Learning Centre

The use of instant messaging apps has made higher learning easier for students.

The tool is used by several universities to help their students prepare for assignments and connect with their various tutors.

Also, these apps have custom built features that can help students improve their relationship with their teachers and also the accelerate the whole process of learning.