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Jungle Scout Coupons: 50% Off Coupon Codes & Offers

Junglescout is a research handle used by Amazon know the sales and Annual plans $150 Saving with Jungle scout coupon code from Marketing team. It was built by Greg Mercer in the year 2014. It is used by Amazon sellers. It fetches the users with the following services:

  • Tracking and spying the product
  • Opportunities in the product market
  • Ideas and innovations are verified using this tool
  • Helps in monitoring the sales data of the competitors
  • Calculating FBA fee estimates
  • Amazon marketing has been made easy

It is a tool that has been built by the sellers and for the sellers use. It provides extensive product data with 24*7*365 availability of service. It has proved out to be a solution to queries of beginners and solved two major questions as follows:

  1. How much money is needed to sell a product on Amazon?
  2. How to sell on Amazon n lieu of present market conditions?

Features of Junglescout:

  1. Junglescout is an efficient product tracker.
  2. It is a spy for competitors operations.
  3. It is a tool used for exporting quantitative data.
  4. It has been viewed as Google trend checker.
  5. It gives scores to product opportunities in the market and gives the indication of the right time to strive a new product in the market.
  6. It gives the estimate of sales and predictive data of profit margins.
  7. Junglescout aids out as search filter.

Benefits of using Junglescout:

Junglescout is very easy to use. Here is the list of benefits derived by using Junglescout:

  1. It is a very useful tool for carrying out product research.
  2. It helps the sellers to make estimates and take future decisions from the insights and logistics of sales.
  3. It aids in visualization of future opportunities.
  4. It acts as a spying handle for the product.
  5. It gives a glimpse of profit margins and sales of competitors.

Limitations of using Junglescout:

The major limitation of Junglescout is that mere availability of data is not sufficient; one should have experienced command in utilizing the data also. Although tutorial lessons are available regarding usage of Junglescout they are not sufficient as a whole.

Software of the Junglescout Suite:

The Junglescout is a combination of 4 main operative soft wares. These have been listed as follows with the specifications of each of them:

  1. Product Tracker: It provides the data regarding the number of products available on Amazon at any hour of the clock. This gives the estimation regarding the performance of the product in the market. Also, it helps in tracking the operations of the competitors.
  2. Product Database: It allows the seller to find a product based on the desired criteria on Amazon. It helps in tracing product opportunities.
  3. Junglescout Niche Hunter: It helps the seller to trace out the profitable products and trace out the markets which hold numerous opportunities. It is quite similar to the product database.
  4. Junglescout Google Chrome Extension: Junglescout and Google Chrome are two extensions that work on Amazon and Google Chrome browser directly, respectively. These extensions give a quick analysis of all the products on the page and facilitate easy sharing of the finding on the page with the teammates.

Junglescout has been reviewed as one of the best resources for conducting data-oriented product research. It has helped thousands of Amazon sellers and saved them from facing failures.